Eliham Girl Child Charity House is a charitable organization committed to empowering young girls by providing Education, Vocational Training and Counseling.

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Our vision is to end girlchild poverty by providing essentials and supplies to the children in high poverty in Uganda so they acquire the knowledge to achieve and advance in life .

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We envision a world in which all girlschildren receive the opportunity to develop into healthy and compassionate adults regardless of their financial condition.  The Eliham Girl Child Charity House is developing children for tomorrow by working with them today.

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Education is the only thing that you can't take away from someone, Keep girls in school always.

"The strength of a girl-child"
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Your monthly support helps transform lives at Eliham Girl Child Charity House one person at a time. As a Eliham Girl Child Charity House donor you will feed, provide Scholarstic materials, house and empower to those in need.